Museum Educator

(Position open as of 5/1/14)


About the position: The Museum Educator begins as a part-time, hourly position that is a benefit-non-eligible position with the Museum’s Interpretive and Educational staff.  The part-time educators works less than 30/wk, as an average, but during many weeks may be assigned as much 30- 40 hrs./wk.; rarely, there may also be no weekly hours assigned during certain weeks of the slow season.  Part-time educators may be promoted to full-time status by having requisite experience and education.  Full-time educators work a weekly average of 30 hrs or more year-round, and are entitled to company benefits. 

A Museum Educator assists with and supervises special events, day programs, and overnight activities; learns and provides public presentations, tours, day programs, and overnight activities.  A Museum educator who attains the rating of Chief works closely with and supervises Ship's Crew members to develop their ability to learn and deliver presentations and to become more effective museum employees. A Chief Educator will also supervise and manage education day-programs, overnight programs, and serve as the lead crewperson during special event staffing.  Chief educators can be full or part-time. 

All Museum Educators maintain and, while on duty, wear a replica period enlisted uniform and assist with and supervise the completion of daily clean-up, preventive maintenance, and curatorial preservation in the museum and on board the ships.


Job requirements:  Flexibility and availability for working weekends and museum overnight camp-out programs is a must.  An applicant must be a graduate from an accredited high school or must have received a GED equivalent, have completed at least one full year of college or have equivalent experience. 


Museum Educators must be able to do all manner of physical activities associated with boarding and departing the sites, working outdoors sometimes during inclement weather conditions, and they must be physically capable of moving quickly through the ships and performing all tasks associated with emergency procedures.  Educators may be required to shovel snow from the piers and the ship weather decks and gangways.  


Educators will commonly work catered events that will require working late, often until after midnight, as well as overnight programs which may require working through the night.  During overnight programs, educators will spend the night on the ship to which assigned or, in the case of Constellation overnights, the museum building.

Benefits: Starting Salary is $10.00 per hour.  Upon completion of their training, Museum Educators receive a 10-20% pay bonus for overnight work and 10% additional pay when serving as a Chief Educator. All educators are entitled to workers compensation; paid birthday; paid day of jury duty; and life insurance. 


In the event of promotion to Full-time status, educators become eligible for all company insurance benefits, Paid Time Off (PTO), Workers compensation; paid birthday; life insurance, and paid day of jury duty.


 Please send resume and Cover Letter to Brian Auer, bauer@historicships.org


Historic Ships in Baltimore is an equal opportunity employer.